Van Discussion

The intent of these questions is to provide a learning process of discovery while traveling in the van with other clinicians and colleagues. This is an opportunity for critical thinking and reflection in collaboration with members of the team.

Topic: Engagement
• How does the team create a safe space to promote effective engagement?
• What are the considerations?

Topic: Barriers to Accessing Health Care
• What are some of the “real” barriers your patients’ face when trying to access care in traditional medical settings
• What could some “perceived” barriers be?
• How does the team overcome these barriers?

Topic: Shared Decision-Making
• How do you decide what treatment options to offer patients?
• What risks and benefits are weighed in making treatment decisions?
• What considerations do we take into account from a whole person care perspective?

Topic: Tri-Morbidity
• What is prioritized from the physical, mental health, substance use and trauma perspectives?
• Which domain do we start with first? Based upon what criteria?

Topic: Empathy
• Demonstrate how to show we care for this patient and how to make a difference in their life.
• What would a language of caring and commitment sound like/look like?

Topic: Medical Topics
• What diagnosis and medical treatment issues did we see in the field today that are unique to Street Medicine?

Topic: Harm Reduction
• Describe a harm reduction technique or strategy that you observed.
• What was the outcome and how does it benefit the patient?

Topic: Creative Problem-Solving
• What strategies or tactics did the team use to advance patient engagement, collaboration or adherence to a medical regimen?
• Describe any incentives used by the clinician to achieve cooperation.
• What motivated the patient to consider making a change?

Topic: Trauma Informed Care
• How does trauma impact health?
• Describe any “trauma informed” strategies that you observed.
• How do trauma informed care and a strengths-based approach relate?
• Which medical topics and procedures may risk re-traumatizing patients?

Topic: Motivational Interviewing
• How do you assess a patient’s readiness to change?
• Why is acknowledgment of the patient’s goal essential?
• When is it appropriate to “develop discrepancy?”

Topic: Self-Care for Clinicians
• How would you develop a self-care practice for yourself?
• What activities would you include?

Topic: Collaborative Team Work
• How well did the team do today in collaborating in the best interest of the patient?
• Provide examples of a lesson learned, a challenge and/or a success.

Topic: Reflection(s) of the Day
• What noteworthy reflections did you observe or hear from a patient?
• What was the most important thing you/we learned today?