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Fred Eversley, Untitled, 2021 Pigment print on reflective silver polyester film with gloss laminate mounted to reverse beveled dibond, hexagonal wood brace with beveled cleat, 34.5 x 34.5 in.
Fred Eversley, Untitled, 2021 Pigment print on reflective silver polyester film with gloss laminate mounted to reverse beveled dibond, hexagonal wood brace with beveled cleat, 34.5 x 34.5 in.

For 45 years, Venice Family Clinic has celebrated the artists and collectors whose talent and generosity raises money for vital health care in our community. Our 2024 edition of Venice Family Clinic Art Walk + Auction explored the intersection of History, Health and Home. We reflected on the growth of the Clinic and of the Los Angeles art scene and recognized the critical role that building community and a sense of home plays in our well-being: physically, mentally and creatively.

The exhibition gave us a moment to celebrate an enormous breadth of Los Angeles-based talent – from the iconic founders of Venice Art Walk to the longstanding creatives who have carried the torch and those building the city’s artistic future. We were proud to feature a range of established, mid-career and emerging artists.

Proceeds from art sales fund Venice Family Clinic’s innovative and comprehensive programs and services which help the most vulnerable members of our community get and stay healthy.

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  • In 1979 the first Venice Art Walk was organized by volunteers including Irma Colen, Ruth Bloom, Sheila Goldberg and Laura Maslon with architect Frank Gehry and artists Ed Ruscha, Lita Albuquerque, John Baldessari and many others.

  • Thanks to the generosity of these pioneering artists, volunteers and patrons, Venice Art Walk has raised over $24 million to provide vital health care to hundreds of thousands of Angelenos over the past four decades.

  • 1000+ artists, as well as volunteers, galleries, curators, and collectors help Venice Family Clinic advance greater health equity by donating and collecting artwork at this annual event.


Alfonso Gonzalez Jr.
Rue Méhul G, 2023, 2021
Enamel, latex, dirt, gel medium on canvas
8″ x 10″
Lillian Dabe
Untitled, 2023, 2022
Inkjet print
16″ × 20″
Jeremy Shockley
Waiting World Snake, 2023
Oil on canvas
48″ × 40″
Patrisse Cullors
Expansion, 2023
Gold plated cowrie shells, vintage mud cloth, hand stitched
23″ x 20″
David Shull
The Architecture of Sentimentality #13, 2023
Acrylic, fabric, and grommets on paper
24″ x 18″
Rose Dickson
Engine Room, 2020
Hand hooked wool rug
42.5″ x 58″


Contact Max Rippon to inquire about either of these two unique artworks.

Annie Lapin + Mixografia:  Exclusive edition to benefit Venice Family Clinic

Annie Lapin + Mixografia:  Exclusive edition to benefit Venice Family Clinic

Inverted World (Hudson Valley Temporal Prism 1), 2024, Mixografia® print on handmade paper, 15.75 x 17.75 in., Edition #1 of 40

Known for her dynamic representation of landscapes that bring together digital sensibilities along with analog mark making, Lapin created a Mixografia print that gives volume and textures to magical topographies, both imagined and real.

The artist combines digital and traditional printing processes to weave together complex pictorial spaces that undulate new and out, and back and forth, all the while providing a visual journey to lands near and far, imagined and projected.

Fred Eversley Untitled (Paraboli

Fred Eversley 

Untitled (parabolic lens), 2018, cast polyester, 5 1/2 x 22 x 22 in.

“The lenses are a kind of Trojan horse; they masquerade as sculptures when in fact they are finely tuned instruments for creating space, a force field, if you will, that manages to summon the vectors of science, mystery, and magic, that leaves you, the viewer, smack-dab in the middle.”
—Helen Molesworth

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Lisa Adams | Trevor Albert | Michael Alvarez | Lita Albuquerque | Alex Anderson | Charles Arnoldi | Casey Baden | Anissa Balson | Clara Balzary | Emily Barker | Dan Bayles | Larry Bell | Billy Al Bengston | Fía Benitez | Kelly Berg | Bradley Boboc | Aaron Bobrow | Tyler Christopher Brown | Lorraine Bubar | Amiee Byrne | Calikesh | William Camargo | James Dean Caruso | Joachim Castaneda | Corinne Chaix | Mike Chattem | Fritz Chesnut | Paul Chilkov | Mustafa Ali Clayton | Cody Cloud | Gabriel Cohen | Carrie Cook | Patrisse Cullors | DABSMYLA | Lillian Dabe | Eames Demetrios | Charles Derenne | Meghan DeRoma | Rose Dickson | Guy Dill | Laddie John Dill | Jackie Rines | Scott Eastwood | Michael EB Detto | David Eddington | Holly Elander | Alex Emmons | Alex Emmons x Georgia | Nancy Evans | Ned Evans | Fred Eversley | Mark x Farina | Danny First | Kim Fisher | Luke Forsyth | Jona Frank | FriendsWithYou | Magdalena Suarez Frimkess | Michael Frimkess | Erik Frydenborg | Francesca Gabbiani | John Garcia | Daniel Tyree Gaitor-Lomack | Frank Gehry | Wylie Gelber | Jesse Genepi | Daniel Gibson | Jessica Goehring | Sayre Gomez | Alfonso Gonzalez Jr. | Matt Groening | Roberto Gutierrez | Terrick Gutierrez | Michael Haight | Eric Dwight Hancock | Channing Hansen | Lynn Hanson | Kenny Harris | Molly Haynes | Alexandria Hilfiger | Charles Christopher Hill | Olivia Hill | Alvaro Ilizarbe | Deborah Lynn Irmas | Arthur Jafa | Patrick Johnston | Kelly Lynn Jones | Alex Kerr | Justin N. Kim | Annika Klein | Kendra Kummerer | Alan Kupchick | Janet Kupchick | Campbell Laird | Nery Gabriel Lemus | Jack Lewis | Thomas Linder | Jasmine Little | Amelia Lockwood | Lorenzo Lorenzetti | Michele Lorusso | Brian Lotti | Yezi Lou | Nick Lowe | Jens Lucking | Christopher Lux | Kaoru Mansour | Narsiso Martinez | Patrick Martinez | Chris Madans | T. Kelly Mason | Kayla Mattes | Robin McCarthy | Dustin Metz | Mike Miller | Matt Momchilov | Mabel Leontina Moore | Kenneth Morehouse | Dylan Mortimer | Andy Moses | Ed Moses | Sachi Moskowitz | Megan Mueller | Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez | Gwynn Murrill | Jean Nagai | Soraya Sarah Nazarian | Mike Nesbit | Edouard NG | Judy Nimtz | Masayuki Oda | Jayme Odgers | Michelle Ohm | Gary Palmer | Neil Parker | Jude Pauli | Thomas Pilnik | Steven Portigal | Astrid Preston | Malavika Rao | Kristopher Raos | John Reagan | Megan Reed | Kassia Rico | Jackie Rines | Max Rippon | Pia Riverola | Luke Rogers | Jaklin Romine | Amanda Ross-Ho | Erika Rothenberg | Conrad Ruiz | Ed Ruscha | Alison Saar | Analia Saban | Ari Salka | Kenny Scharf | Clovis Schlumberger | Hubert Schmalix | Daniel Schubert | Barbara Schwan | Robert Schwan | Tim Schwartz | Nathan See | Paul Mpagi Sepuya | Jake Sheiner | Jeremy Shockley | David Shull | Gregory Siff | Ross D Simonini | Kyle Slevira | Alexis Smith | Federico Spadoni | Joaquin Stacey-Calle | Gary Steinborn | Tucker Strasser | Suitcase Joe | Lani Trock | Vincent Valdez | Arien Valizadeh | Dominick Vanderlip | Valerie Veator | Rezeta Veliu | Mia Weiner | Evan Whale | Jordan Wolfson | Eric Zammitt | Marco Zamora | Stephen Zerbe

(Participating artists as of 4/29/24)


Art is selected by Venice Art Walk Curatorial Committee led by Max Rippon and consisting of Los Angeles gallerists and art advisors including: Elsa Lee Bruno, Eva Chimento, Eliane Gans, Charlie James, Angelo Lanza and Yiwei Lu.


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Sign up for the Venice Art Walk + Auction mailing list

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