About Our Advocacy

Venice Family Clinic’s Public Policy Committee and advocacy team work to help L.A.’s diverse patient population access quality health care. We work alongside our patients to promote health policies that improve the lives of our patients and our community.

Learn about the issues our community cares about and join us in taking action to protect health care as a human right.

Why Advocacy is Important to Us

We are committed to building an equitable and just city, state, country and world that recognizes that being in good health is key to people and communities reaching and sustaining their greatest potential. We strive to create systems and policies that acknowledge the inherent dignity of each person by affirming and working toward equity regardless of identity or background. Our advocacy focuses on three key areas: health equity, social justice and civic engagement.

Key Issues

Health Equity


Building a sustainable health system that provides access to all.


Millions of people in the United States still lack reliable access to health care due to gaps in the current system of Medicaid, exchange programs, private insurance and health providers Further, the ability of community health centers to best serve their communities is strained by unpredictable resource allocation and inflexible government policies, which often change rapidly, causing difficulty in sustaining successful efforts.

Our Focus
  • Greater equity in public health insurance programs, including parity with commercial plans.
  • Operational and infrastructure policies that ensure access to care for the people we serve and sustainability for community health centers.
  • Funding/payment policies that align with the needs of the people and promote better outcomes.

Social Justice


Ensuring that all people can live their best healthy life by having access to enough food, stable housing and freedom from discrimination.


Unjust systems have created wide inequities that are detrimental to our health. For example, in Los Angeles County, millions of people are not sure where their next meal will come from; the number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness continues to rise; and too many of our neighbors suffer from discrimination.

Our Focus
  • Housing as an integral part of health care
  • Policies that aim to eliminate food insecurity
  • Protection of women’s access to reproductive health care
  • Health policies that seek to end discrimination

Civic Engagement


Supporting our patients and community to positively impact our world by engaging in government systems and public policy.


Public policy affects the full spectrum of health. And yet, lower income communities are often ignored by the political system, thus receiving fewer of the resources needed to thrive. Increasing the rate of civic participation in these communities is the remedy to fixing this.

Our Focus
  • Voter engagement to improve knowledge on policy issues and improve voter turnout rates
  • Civic education to empower people to engage with their elected officials and shape their community’s future
  • Civic engagement training and opportunities that aim to build people’s collective power

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