Health Equity is Within our Power

Together, we can solve the biggest challenges of this country, in our community.

To call the global public health crisis of COVID-19 both a challenge and a wake-up call would be quite the understatement. Since this historic event, we have been reflecting on what we’ve been through and continuing the fight against the economic, racial and health disparities magnified by the pandemic.

We are on a mission to bring health and justice to the people we serve, who have aspirations for their lives, but nevertheless are among the most vulnerable in our community: essential workers who risked their lives on the frontlines; people of color who face systemic racism that impacts their health; people experiencing homelessness who need affordable housing and compassionate health care; and too many people who face economic uncertainty.

We believe the power is within us, individually and as a community, to advance greater health equity.

United We Stand

On November 1, 2021, Venice Family Clinic merged with South Bay Family Health Care, combining 100 years of experience and expanding care to 45,000 people from the Santa Monica Mountains to the South Bay.

Click the map to see our newly expanded service area.

A Call to Action

We are calling on our community to join us in demonstrating how the power of our collective support can advance greater health equity.

Join the Power of Us, a fundraising collective of donors who will fund the Clinic’s innovative services so we can deliver quality health care to people in our expanded service area and pursue solutions to six major crises in our society.

Together, we will ensure everyone has access to care, regardless of their income, insurance or immigration status. Click for more.

United, we will address mental health in tandem with physical health. Click for more.

Jointly, we will remain vigilant against pandemics and end epidemics. Click for more.

Partnered, we will defeat homelessness, a health and humanitarian crisis that vexes our city, our state and our nation. Click for more.

Concertedly, we will help our patients put nutritious food on their tables. Click for more.

Collectively, we will invest in the development and well-being of children. Click for more.

At Venice Family Clinic we believe everyone deserves quality health care. As we continue to provide care to those in need throughout the pandemic and look at solving our greatest health challenges, we need your help now more than ever.

Your gift will help ensure Venice Family Clinic can address the most pressing priorities and continue our innovative services and programs: from vaccines to medical treatments to mental health care to food distributions to housing support to early childhood development classes and so much more.



We will ensure everyone has access to care, regardless of their income, insurance or immigration status.

We encourage our patients’ health and well-being and help them overcome the health disparities they experience. We also work alongside our patients to advocate for health policies that will help improve their lives.

Your support enables us to provide the medical care our patients need along with the tools necessary to reduce the barriers to care, like health insurance enrollment, case management to connect patients with health and social services, and telehealth options for more accessible care.  



We will address mental health in tandem with physical health.

Providing comprehensive care to our patients means supporting their mental health through in-person visits as well as telehealth. The pandemic has been especially traumatic for our patients, intensifying the challenges they already feel being held back by poverty, economic uncertainty and systemic racism.  

Your support ensures we can offer one-on-one counseling and group sessions, medication for mental illnesses, couples and parenting counseling, support for children who have witnessed in-home violence, a domestic violence program, HIV services, and substance use treatment. 



We will remain vigilant against pandemics and end epidemics.  

We will continue to protect ourselves against the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring we vaccinate as many people as possible. And we will focus on the ongoing health of our patients and ending public health epidemics like obesity, substance use and diabetes. 

Your support helps us provide vaccine clinics, testing and education about COVID-19, as well as primary care and specialized programs that help patients manage ongoing illnesses through health education, an innovative substance use treatment program integrated with primary care, and remote monitoring of chronic health conditions.



We will defeat homelessness, a health and humanitarian crisis that vexes our city, our state and our nation. 

We must continue to treat homelessness as the health care crisis it is and ensure that our neighbors who are unhoused can access care, whether in-clinic or on the streets through our innovative street medicine program.  

Your support empowers us to provide medical care for acute and chronic conditions, support for mental health issues, addiction and emotional trauma, and access to social services that help our patients meet their most basic needs, including housing. 



We will help our patients put nutritious food on their tables.

Food is medicine, and we are committed to helping our patients get healthy and stay that way by making sure they have access to fresh, nutritious food. 

Your support helps us alleviate the physical and emotional distress of hunger and provide education to help our patients make nutritious choices for themselves and their families. We can continue to provide nutritious food at our free food distribution events and connect patients with the social services they need to sustain their food supply.    



We will invest in the development and well-being of children.  

We must continue to ensure that our youngest patients get the care they need to stay healthy and that we do everything we can to set them on a course for a healthy future, especially when they have lost so much this past year.

Your support allows us to provide routine medical care, as well as dental and vision care, free books to promote literacy, exercise classes to improve their fitness, and cooking classes at our teaching kitchen. Families participating in our Children First Early Head Start program benefit from comprehensive child development services, including personalized attention, group parenting sessions, and comprehensive health and social services support.