Our Visionaries: Bringing awareness to the effects of trauma

In recognition of National Trauma Awareness Month, we’re featuring individuals whose contributions have made significant impacts on the trauma-informed approach we take to patient care at Venice Family Clinic. These game changers and leaders are also part of our 50 Visionaries, people who have had a positive impact on the health of our patients and our community. They continue to inspire us with their dedication to progress and innovation, and we’re honored to include them in our list of Visionaries as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.

nadine burke harrisNadine Burke-Harris
Nadine Burke-Harris is the current Surgeon General of California. Her work linking adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress with harmful impacts later in life through the ACEs Aware initiative continues to inform how Venice Family Clinic takes a trauma-informed approach to how we provide care to our patients, and how our staff and volunteers treat each other.

Jose QuirogaDr. Jose Quiroga
Dr. Jose Quiroga is co-founder and director of medical services at the Program for Torture Victims, the first of its kind in the country, which he originally started at Venice Family Clinic. His organization continues to help survivors of torture and persecution to rebuild their lives, and in so doing, stands up for freedom, democracy and human dignity.

susan burtonSusan Burton
Susan Burton is the founder of A New Way of Life, which helps women who have been incarcerated to overcome the complex challenges of reentry. When she struggled with her own addiction, she received behavioral health counseling at Venice Family Clinic. Through her advocacy, she has brought attention to the trauma experienced by those in prison and to the positive role counseling and community support have in helping people transition out of prison.

sonia sotomayorSonia Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor is an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who despite her traumatic childhood and struggles with diabetes, rose to become the first Hispanic and Latina judge on the highest court in the land. She uses her platform to share her story and is a role model for our staff and patients.