9 ways to have fun this summer for the whole family

July 5, 2023

School is out, which means children and teens have more time for fun. Check out these activities for the whole family to help young ones stay active, healthy and entertained this summer.  

Enjoy aquatic activities
Summer is the perfect time to get outside and make a splash. Enjoy the season by adding water-based activities to your schedule. 

  • Hit the beach with family and friends. Simply go for a swim, or try a water sport such as surfing, kayaking, or boogie boarding.  

Explore your neighborhood 

Fill up free time by checking out what your neighborhood has to offer. You might find some hidden gems and make new summer traditions. 

  • Ride a bike through your neighborhood. If you don’t have a bike, Metro bike share is available to the public. Check the map to see if there is a bike share station in your area, and visit the website to see if you qualify for reduced fares.  
  • Attend an outdoor community event. Music in the park, movies on a lawn, museum events and block parties happen all summer long. Start your search for programming at LA County’s Parks After Dark website for a list of events and activities open to the public.  
  • Visit the local library in your neighborhood and participate in a summer reading challenge. LA Public Library is hosting Summer with the Library, and LA County Library has a Summer Discovery Program.  

Learn a new healthy habit or skill 

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean you have to pause learning and growing. This summer, learn a new skill and create a new habit to help you stay healthy all year long. 

  • Learn to cook and get creative in the kitchen. Learn about seasonal ingredients, cook a meal using summer fruits and vegetables, or test a recipe you’ve never tried before. Check out our YouTube Channel for ideas to get you started. 
  • Try a fitness class with a friend or family member and try to stick with your new routine all summer. 
  • Learn about meditation or mindfulness, and establish a practice that you can take into the summer and beyond. 

Happy adventuring! Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know if you try any of these summer activities.