Mobile clinic offers health care services for people experiencing homelessness

February 9, 2021

Originally published on KABC – February 9, 2021

A nonprofit community health center is bringing health care to some of the most vulnerable in our community: people experiencing homelessness.

The Venice Family Clinic sends its mobile clinic to those most in need. They are services places like Saint Margaret’s Center in Inglewood can’t provide on their own.

“It’s a huge need, there are always medical needs, but during the pandemic we’ve seen that accelerate,” said Mary Agnes Erlandson, Director, Saint Margaret’s Center.

Because of the pandemic, many of the clinics the homeless usually turn to aren’t open or the hours are restricted. In addition to exams and tests, the mobile clinic can also give out medication.

Answering the call when the need is greatest: The Venice Family Clinic is going where ever they need to do their part.