Growing by merging

May 4, 2022

Originally published on How We Run – May 4, 2022

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Elizabeth Benson Forer, CEO and executive director, joins an episode of the How We Run podcast to discuss how the organization’s recent merger with South Bay Family Health Care allows the Clinic to now serve 45,000 patients in need from the Santa Monica Mountains through the South Bay.

How We Run investigates the multi-faceted approach needed to run a non-profit and tackles topics such as managing your board, fundraising, and measuring your impact. Each episode features an interview with a successful nonprofit director who shares their insight about running an organization. Hosted by Julie Lacouture (non-profit consultant and founder of Good Ways Inc) and Trent Stamp (founder of Charity Navigator and CEO of the Eisner Foundation).

Episode Description: We are joined by Liz Forer, CEO Venice Family Clinic, who tells us about the recent successful merger of two nonprofits: Venice Family Clinic and South Bay Family Health Care. Liz talks through how the board started planning and coordinating this merger for almost two years and what she feels makes it successful.