Vicki & Ron Simms:
Remarks from the March 29, 2006 Dedication of
Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center

Below are remarks from the March 29, 2006 Dedication of Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center. This was ten years ago. Today, the Simms/Mann Family Foundation and Simms/Mann Institute develops and implements innovative programs and resources, addressing complex challenges of the 21st century. The Institute seeks to empower professionals and individuals alike to make informed decisions and personalized choices by promoting the exploration, cross-fertilization, and dissemination of cutting-edge research and best practices in the fields of education and medicine.

Vicki Simms

All four of our grandparents were immigrants. My grandparents came to this country penniless. They often spoke of how hard life was but how grateful they were for the help they received from various programs, such as the homestead act. They felt lucky to be in a country where they had a chance for their dream of a better life to come true. Through this opportunity, our parents became productive and contributing citizens.

Through the sacrifice and hard work of our grandparents and parents, our families were able to grow and prosper. Only two generations ago, my grandmother, Sarah, was on a boat leaving Russia for a far away country. I wear her ring every day as a reminder of her strength, courage, and character and in recognition of the sacrifices she made to make the lives of her children and their children healthy and promising. It is truly amazing that two generations later, Ron and I stand here dedicating the Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center at the Venice Family Clinic. I guess only in America!!!!

Our grandparents and our parents, in turn, stressed to their children the importance of giving back to the community. No matter how little they had, they always reached out to help others. This health and wellness center represents to our family the tradition that was passed on to us – that we must be accountable and responsible for the care and betterment of the society in which we live – and the society that has given us so much!!

Ron and I are honored to be in the position to be giving a helping hand to those in need; whether immigrants like our grandparents, or anyone struggling to better themselves, so they too can share in building a better and more solid future for us all.

We thank Liz Forer, and all the doctors and staff, for making this dream come true. We believe that this integrative medicine model will greatly improve the health and lifestyle of many generations to come, giving all individuals quality of life, better productivity, and a more positive attitude. Thank you for making history with us.

Ron Simms

Approximately nine months ago – about 3:00 a.m. in the morning – my wife woke me up. At that moment I didn't understand what she had in mind. Even after 38 years of marriage a guy never knows why his wife is waking him up.

Frankly, after you have raised your children and they are out of the house, you expect to be able to sleep at night, but not in my situation. Vicki does a lot of creative thinking in the middle of the night.

Today is the result of a very long talk at 3:00 a.m. in the morning nine months ago. Vicki had an idea for the Venice Family Clinic, and it became my job to get the idea implemented.

Vicki's idea was to take her passion (which if you haven't already guessed has become our passion) of health, wellness and integrative medicine and make it available to those in Los Angeles who couldn't necessarily afford this approach to good health.

We have now, together, pursued this goal on a national basis. We believe that everyone should have access to excellent health care services that focuses on the whole person.

I have a special and unique partner. She sincerely cares about other people and their well being. Helping people toward peace of mind about health is her goal and our mission.


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