Fineshriber Family Foundation

It is exceedingly rare to find a partner that understands, supports, and encourages innovative and strategic solutions to address challenging community problems. In each of the key moments of Venice Family Clinic’s last decade, the Fineshriber Family Foundation has been this crucial partner.

Marcia Antopol and her husband Jeffrey Moskin led the Foundation since its creation in 2006. Longtime residents of Culver City, the couple is passionate about strengthening community and about seeing the mission of the Foundation—to support exemplary organizations that meet the critical needs of children and families through equity and social justice funding—enacted in under-resourced areas of the Westside.

The Clinic first came to Marcia’s attention decades ago, when she worked at United Way and helped us secure grants that were renewed for many years. Our role in providing care to Westside residents in need and our long history with Marcia led Venice Family Clinic to become one of the Foundation’s first grantees. In the years since their first grants to serve children with chronic diseases, and then to build our first dental clinic, our relationship has grown and deepened. Indeed, support from the Fineshriber Family Foundation has been crucial as we have become a cornerstone of health and wellness on the Westside of Los Angeles.

As Venice Family Clinic has sought to expand our services for children and ensure that the most impoverished families of Mar Vista and Culver City had access to health care in their neighborhood, the Fineshriber Family Foundation was there. They helped construct and operate our Irma Colen Health Center, creating the Fineshriber Pediatrics Program. Our relationship continued to grow as they gave the lead grant for building the pediatric clinic next door and helped us secure additional funding from other foundations, and they gave another grant to add the new dental clinic. Then, at an important turning point in our history, the Fineshriber Family Foundation helped us re-envision our entire care delivery model, from implementing a new clinical workflow to keeping nutrition front and center with Marcia’s Kitchen, a place to learn how to cook and eat healthfully each day.

In recent years, the Fineshriber Family Foundation committed to support and empower mixed-status immigrant families in Culver City and the Westside. What this has meant for Venice Family Clinic is a significant investment in case management to help families in need set and meet new goals which extend beyond simply staying safe and together, but that help them toward a more secure future. As Venice Family Clinic sets our course for the years to come, we are grateful to have the Fineshriber Family Foundation close-at-hand, as we know that they will charge into the unknown with us, lighting the way as we determine our next steps.