Health Education

What is health education?

  • Health Education provides information about diet, exercise, sleep, and health that is easy to understand and can help you make good choices about your health.

What do health educators do?

  • Health Educators explain and answer questions about changes in your health.
  • You and the health educator can talk about steps to take to make sure you and your family stay healthy.

When is it important to talk to a health educator?

  • It is important to learn how you can control conditions like diabetes, asthma, obesity (overweight), or high blood pressure.
  • Health education is also important if you are pregnant because you may have many questions about what is happening to your body.

How do I see a health educator?

  • Ask your provider for an appointment to see a health educator.
  • Call the Venice Family Clinic Call Center (appointment phone) at 310.392.8636 and ask for an appointment to see a health educator.
  • Go to a free talk. The Clinic has many health education talks about things like dealing with diabetes, nutrition, car seat safety, and the changes that happen when you are pregnant. Ask your provider or your coordinator about classes and talks.

What do Department of Health Services in Los Angeles educators do?

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