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Venice Family Clinic Conducts Its Latest Patient Survey. Here's What We Learned.

As adult patients checked into Venice Family Clinic’s seven clinical locations this spring, many were asked to rate and rank their health care service experience on Venice Family Clinic’s latest patient survey, an extensive questionnaire presented in both English and Spanish. The survey covered a range of topics including medical treatment by doctors, providers and specialists; health coverage and the community health insurance program; appointments and wait times; and overall questions regarding the respondent’s health, family and frequency of clinic visits.

“Since Venice Family Clinic was established more than forty years ago, we have conducted formal surveys to learn more about our patients’ health care and how we’re doing in providing health care services,” says Elizabeth Benson Forer, Executive Director and CEO of Venice Family Clinic. “We felt it was important to give our patients an opportunity to provide direct feedback on the ‘patient experience’ so that we can learn and improve from their responses. We often get so busy running the Clinic and seeing patients that it can be easy to focus on all the things that still need our attention rather than the progress we’ve made or the things we’re doing right.  Based on these survey results, we’re encouraged that our patients are overwhelmingly happy with the job we’re doing—even as we strive to improve the health service experience from making an appointment to checking out.”

“We are thrilled that our patients are happy with the care they receive from our physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, clinic staff and volunteers,” confirms Dr. Karen Lamp, Medical Director of Venice Family Clinic. “Each day we work with fewer resources to provide quality care to patients whose medical needs are increasingly more complex. It can be easy to feel that we aren’t spending enough time with each patient. We’re striving to make the ‘patient-centered medical home’ approach a reality in our patients’ lives and this feedback from our patients is a great starting point for that. We were particularly encouraged by the survey findings that 83% of our patients feel we usually or always spend enough time with them and that 92% of our patients feel that our doctors and health providers usually or always listen carefully to their concerns.”

Health Enrollment and Insurance
In addition to our patients’ experience once they get inside the medical treatment room, the survey also polled patients on their experience working with our health insurance enrollment team to understand their eligibility for health coverage programs, complete the enrollment process and renew their coverage before expiration deadlines.

“My team is tasked with helping our patients understand the various coverage options, provide assistance in enrolling them, and make sure the entire enrollment or renewal process has been successfully completed,” explains Karen Lauterbach, Manager of Venice Family Clinic’s Community Health Insurance Program. “Given the continued challenges with Healthy Way LA, we’ve had to dedicate additional staff and resources to make sure eligible patients are identified and properly enrolled. The fact that patients gave an average rank of 9.2 out of 10 to the services provided by the community health insurance program is a credit to my staff’s persistence and dedication to work through the kinks of the process without making access to care unnecessarily difficult for our patients.”

Looking Ahead
“As we work to build community support for the services we provide to families across Los Angeles, these survey results help us to know what we’re doing well,” says Laney Kapgan, Development Director and Chief Development Officer. “These results also help us to identify those areas that need additional resources to provide quality health care to all those in need. We are grateful to our supporters who directly impact the health of thousands in our community.”

Note: Venice Family Clinic dental services were not polled in this survey.

This story appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of Encounters. Click here to view the entire newsletter.

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