Family Child Care Option

When you need childcare while you work, go to school, or looking for a job, child development activities may be provided in a licensed childcare facility instead of in your home.  The Child Care Education Manager will help locate and monitor a licensed community facility that meets your needs and offers a high quality program for your child.  All of our providers and centers must be licensed, meet high quality standards, agree to regular visits by CFEHS staff, and refrain from religious instruction or worship. CFEHS visits each provider weekly to help caregivers implement curriculum that supports developmentally appropriate practices.  You will work with the Child Care Education Manager who will contact you to facilitate monthly communication between you and your providerThis is important to assure children undergo similar experiences in both the home and childcare environments. 

You are required to maintain regular contact with the Child Care Education Manager.  She will contact you once each month to schedule a meeting with you at your childcare facility.  Four conferences with the Child Care Education Manager and childcare provider are required every year.  Two will be at the childcare facility and two will be in your home.

Young children learn more and are more likely to remember what they learn when their interests control what is happening.  CFEHS assists you and your childcare provider in understanding and supporting this basic philosophical belief by helping the provider implement a responsive, integrated curriculum.  Our approach to curriculum requires that the adults provide a safe, supportive physical environment, appropriate adult-child and child-child interactions and plans for changing the environment based on the developing needs of the children.  To accomplish this objective, providers need knowledge of child growth and development, knowledge of each individual child and understanding of the social and cultural context in which each child lives.  The Children First Early Head Start Program provides all adults—staff, parents, and caregivers—with ongoing training to enhance and develop their skills.

If you need help paying for childcare, we will assist you in applying for any subsidy programs in the community that may meet your needs.  When community funds are not available, you can apply for childcare payment assistance from the state of California.  The Family Child Care Option is also funded through California Department of Education.  This option has an additional Family Child Care Handbook.

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