For more than 40 years, Venice Family Clinic Art Walk & Auction has been an iconic community tradition in Los Angeles, harnessing the power of the local, national and international art community to advance greater health equity. Since its inception, Venice Art Walk has raised more than $23 million to provide vital health care to people from across Los Angeles County who might otherwise not have a medical home. This year’s event incorporated both in-person and online ways to engage with the artworks and support the Clinic’s mission.

As always, the centerpiece of the annual event was a contemporary art silent auction, which was live at from April 15 to May 1. The auction featured over 200 art works by established, mid-career and emerging artists, including Gary Baseman, Andrea Bowers, Rosson Crow, FriendsWithYou, Lauren Greenfield, KAWS, Ed Ruscha, Analia Saban, Brenna Youngblood and many more. Click here to view all of our 2022 participating artists.

We also proudly offered an in-person experience to view and bid on art works at our first-ever Venice Art Walk Gallery at Santa Monica Place (395 Santa Monica Pl – Level 1, East Court, Santa Monica, CA 90401). The Venice Art Walk Gallery was open daily between April 15 and May 1 from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. 

As another exciting addition to this year’s event, artists from the NFT market were invited to participate in the first-ever NFT auction to benefit Venice Family Clinic. On May 13, new works dropped on Nifty Gateway by Tomaso Albertini, Bryan Brinkman, Ninocence, Parin Heidari and Waambat. 

There’s no better time and no better way to invest in art and invest in health.

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Available Art

We still have some incredible artworks available.

Venice Art Walk Gallery Events


Opening Weekend Celebration

Dates: Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Location: Santa Monica Place, Venice Art Walk Gallery, Level 1, East Court

Visitors enjoyed a complimentary coffee brew and checked out the artworks on display. As our special thank you, the first 50 people to visit each day received a complimentary gift.


Mural Mashup

Date: Saturday, April 30 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Location:  Santa Monica Place, Center Plaza  

Vistiors joined local artists for an afternoon of mass muraling for all to enjoy. Canvases were themed around the sun, sand, surf and sky, signature to the beachside communities Venice Family Clinic serves, as high-energy DJ beats buzzed in the background. 

Participating artists included Jules Muck (Muckrock), Eric Junker (Junker), Stephen Carballo (The Los Angeles River), Alina Carballo, Cloe Hakakian and Gigi Allen. 

For the kids, the Cayton Children’s Museum hosted The Ocean, inviting all young artists to create their own ocean artwork inspired by the Santa Monica shoreline.

2022 Invitation

2022 Participating Artists

  • Lisa Adams
  • Jo Situ Allen
  • Sophia Allison
  • Charles Arnoldi
  • Natalie Arnoldi
  • Anissa Balson
  • Clara Balzary
  • Chantal Barlow
  • Bill Barminski
  • Gary Baseman
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Gilad Ben-Artzi
  • Billy Al Bengston
  • Kelly Berg
  • Ruth Bernhard
  • Guillermo Bert
  • Michelle Blade
  • Julia Bland
  • Andrea Bowers
  • Brandon Boyd | Heart Evangelista
  • Brandon Boyd | Brian Bowen Smith
  • Matthew Brandt
  • Leonardo Bravo
  • Richard Bruland
  • Kelly Brumfield-Woods
  • Lorraine Bubar
  • Bumblebee Loves You
  • Kristin Calabrese
  • Paul Caponigro
  • Anna Carey
  • Brigitte Carnochan
  • Raymond Cauchetier
  • Gregg Chadwick
  • Corinne Chaix
  • Michael Chapman
  • Fritz Chesnut
  • Paul Chilkov
  • Trine Churchill
  • Jeffrey Conley
  • Allison Cortson
  • Erin Cosgrove
  • Rosson Crow
  • Titano Cruz
  • Rakeem Cunningham
  • Linda Daniels
  • Michael EB Detto
  • Mark di Suvero
  • Yasmine Nasser Diaz
  • Ariel Dill
  • Guy Dill
  • Laddie John Dill
  • Alexandra Dillon
  • Pam Douglas
  • Francine Dressler
  • Duffy
  • Sam Durant
  • Jean Edelstein
  • Holly Elander
  • Betsy Enzensberger
  • Ned Evans
  • Nancy Evans | Tucker Strasser
  • Mark X Farina
  • Jane Feil
  • Peter Fetterman Gallery
  • Danny First
  • Teresa Flores
  • Luke Forsyth
  • Sam Francis
  • Jona Frank
  • FriendsWithYou
  • Frederick Fulmer
  • Francesca Gabbiani
  • John Geary
  • Alejandro Gehry
  • Yumiko Glover
  • Rives Granade
  • Alexandra Grant
  • Todd Gray
  • Adam Greener
  • Lauren Greenfield
  • Maria Greenshields-Ziman
  • Matt Groening
  • Spencer Mar Guilburt
  • Patrick Haemmerlein
  • Channing Hansen
  • Lynn Hanson
  • Nasim Hantenzadeh
  • S.P. Harper
  • Kenny Harris
  • Danny Heller
  • Matthew Heller
  • Andrew Holmquist
  • Seonna Hong
  • Brad Howe
  • Bettina Hubby
  • Walter Iooss Jr
  • Deborah Lynn Irmas
  • Patrick Johnston
  • Kelly Lynn Jones
  • Tillman Kaiser
  • Farrah Karapetian
  • Daniel Kaufman
  • KAWS
  • Jay Kelly
  • Robert Glenn Ketchum
  • Toba Khedoori
  • Josh Bagel Klassman
  • Allison Kunath
  • Karen Kuo
  • Janet Kupchick
  • Alan Kupchick
  • Campbell Laird
  • Kelly Lamb
  • Robert Levine
  • Grant Levy Lucero
  • Susan Logoreci
  • Jens Lucking
  • Chris Madans
  • Dashiell Manley
  • Jeffrey Manpearl
  • Kaoru Mansour
  • Lex Marie
  • Leonardo Marmol
  • Adam Mars
  • Karolina Maszkiewicz
  • Yassi Mazandi
  • Robin McCarthy
  • Kim McCarty
  • Lynne McDaniel
  • Mike Miller
  • Ashley Mistriel
  • Marina Moevs
  • Marryam Moma
  • Rick Monzon
  • Andy Moses
  • Ed Moses (Deceased)
  • Soraya Nazarian
  • Judy Nimtz
  • Beryl Odette
  • Jayme Odgers
  • Michelle Ohm
  • Alex Olson
  • Elizabeth Orleans
  • Miguel Osuna
  • Ramona Otto
  • Juliana Paciulli
  • Gary Palmer
  • Richard Parker
  • Neil Parker
  • Karl Petrunak
  • Lee Piechocki
  • Alicia Piller
  • Nancy Popenoe
  • Astrid Preston
  • Judy Raffel
  • Tanya Ragir
  • Christine Rasmussen
  • Lucas Reiner
  • John Robertson
  • Ed Ruscha
  • Analia Saban
  • Olayinka Salami
  • Kayla Salisbury
  • Christian Sampson
  • Eric Sanders
  • Kim Schoenstadt
  • Barbara Schwan
  • Robert Schwan
  • Dee Shapiro
  • Nora Shields
  • Jake Sheiner
  • Jeremy Shockley
  • Gregory Siff
  • Pam Smith Hudson
  • Carina Sohaili
  • Judy Stabile
  • Gary Steinborn
  • May Sun
  • The Art of Chase
  • Jill Thomas
  • Ann Thornycroft
  • Jamaal H Tolbert
  • Keith Tolch
  • Vincent Tomczyk
  • Marc Trujillo
  • Zoe Walsh
  • Gary Ward
  • Timothy Washington
  • Alex Weinstein
  • Evan Whale
  • Brenna Youngblood
  • Eric Zammitt
  • Ralph Ziman

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the auction that are not answered below, please contact our team at or (310) 343-3388.

A: Artsy does not hold bid-offs and operates on a first-come first-serve basis. Example: If there are two final bids at $500 at the close of auction, the person that puts in their bid first at $500 will win the piece.

A: We encourage you to place your maximum bid instead of the next incremental bid to increase your chances of winning the piece. It does not mean that you will you pay that price but it allows Artsy to bid automatically for you, up to your maximum bid, to maintain your position as the highest bidder.

A: This means that there is another bidder that has a higher maximum bid than yours. You can either keep increasing your increment levels or consider placing your highest maximum bid to see if it beats theirs.

A: If you are the leading bidder, you will get an email saying that you are currently the high bidder. You will receive both text and email notifications if you’ve been outbid that will directly link you to the piece should you wish to continue bidding.

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2022 Curatorial Committee

Robert Berman
Tessa Blumenberg
Lady Cactoid
Tom Capone
Dominique Clayton
Beth DeWoody
Laddie John Dill
Peter Fetterman
Lisa Gelber
John Geresi
Andy Haas
Michele Maccarone
David Ennio Minor

Terry R. Myers
Shulamit Nazarian
Jonathan T.D. Neil
Anthony E. Nicholas
Shana Nys Dambrot
Analia Saban
Barbara Schwan
Molly Shannon & Fritz Chesnut
Dr. V. Joy Simmons
Billie Weisman
Annie Wharton Art Consulting
Kulapat Yantrasast

If you would like to donate artwork for next year’s auction, please click here.