• In 1979 the first Venice Art Walk was organized by volunteers including Irma Colen, Ruth Bloom, Sheila Goldberg and Laura Maslon with architect Frank Gehry and artists Ed Ruscha, Lita Albuquerque, John Baldessari and many others.

  • Thanks to the generosity of these pioneering artists, volunteers and hundreds more, Venice Art Walk has raised more than $23 million to provide vital health care to tens of thousands of Angelenos over the past four decades.

  • 1000+ artists, as well as volunteers, galleries and collectors help Venice Family Clinic advance greater health equity by donating and collecting artwork at this annual event.

04.18 – 05.04

Ed Ruscha, That Was Then This Is Now, 2014, 13-color lithograph, 34.5″ x 46″, Edition of 75 (detail)
Ed Ruscha, That Was Then This Is Now, 2014, 13-color lithograph, 34.5″ x 46″, Edition of 75 (detail)

Venice Family Clinic Art Walk + Auction featured works from established, mid-career and emerging artists.

Los Angeles artists, gallerists and collectors help Venice Family Clinic advance greater health equity by providing and collecting artwork at this annual event. Proceeds from art sales fund the Clinic’s innovative, integrated approach, creating comprehensive services that address the unique combination of clinical and social factors that impact our patients’ health.

The art was exhibited at a dedicated 7,000-square-foot gallery space at RUNWAY Playa Vista, located at
12746 W. Jefferson Blvd. #3170, Playa Vista.

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Yumiko Glover
Unfold I, 2021
Acrylic on panel
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″
Laddie John Dill
6061-T4 Aircraft Aluminu
48″ × 48″ × 1″
Natalja Kent
Ceto’s Cast (Winter Moon), 2023
Unique chromogram, light painting, acrylic, pine
20″ × 24″
Ruthanna Hopper
Elysian Fields, 2020
Acrylic, oil stick, ink, gouache on canvas
48″ × 36″ × 2″



Lisa Adams | Ekta Aggarwal | Peter Alexander | Julia Alexander-Bates | Gigi Allen | Jo Situ Allen | Alex Anderson | Kendull Anderson
Daniel Antelo | John Baldessari | Anissa Balson | Bill Barminski | Diego Barrientos | Lisa Bartleson | Jean-Michel Basquiat | Roberto Benavidez
Amanda Benefiel | Kelly Berg | Alex Blas | Missy Brinkmeyer | Heather Brown | Tyler Brown | Richard Bruland | Lorraine Bubar
Nancy Buchanan | Danie Cansino | Jackie Castillo | Corrine Chaix | Aussi Chen | Pui Tiffany Chow | Dero Christensen | Nehemiah Cisneros
Annie Clavel | Gabriel Cohen | Sophronia Cook | Allison Cortson | Alexandre Couto | The Couto Bros. | Amina Cruz | Titano Cruz
Michael Torquato deNicola | Meghan DeRoma | Desert Moonrise | Michael EB Detto | Mark di Suvero | Ariel Dill | Laddie John Dill
Alexandra Dillon | Kim Dorland | Ross Doyle | Francine Dressler | Richard Duardo | Barbara Edelstein | Jean Edelstein
The Edge | Holly Elander | Ned Evans | Mark X Farina | Rebecca Farr | Sharif Farrag | Jane Feil | Danny First | Teresa Flores | Gus Foster
Jona Frank | Francesca Gabbiani | Charles Gaines | John Geary | Yvette Gellis | Rema Ghuloum | Yumiko Glover | Jill Goldman
Joe Goode | Emma Gray | Adam Greener | Lauren Greenfield | Maria Greenshields-Ziman | JP Greenwood | Chi Haibo | Lynn Hanson
Glenn Hardy Jr. | Kenny Harris | Katie Hector | Danny Heller | Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez | David Hearst | Jason Hill | Ruthanna Hopper
Brad Howe | Deborah Lynn Irmas | Saj Issa | Cole James | Atiba Jefferson | Sharon Johnson-Tennant | Patrick Johnston | Jay Kelly
Hanieh Khatibi | Justin N Kim | Annika Klein | Nicholette Kominos | Kendra Kummerer | Alan Kupchick | Janet Kupchick | Campbell Laird
Tommy Lei | Robert Levine | Susan Logoreci | Jens Lucking | Hannah Lupton Reinhard | Nathan Mabry | Gabriel Madan | Chris Madans
Eva Malhotra | Carmen Mardonez | Adam Mars | Kristan Marvell | Max Maslanksy | T Kelly Mason | Robin McCarthy | Daniel Arthur Mendoza
Mike Miller | Adele Mills | Aryana Minai | MissLeg | Mister Sampson | moncho1929 | Rick Monzon | Jennifer Moon | Justin Moore
Andy Moses | Ed Moses | Mark Mothersbaugh | Muckrock | Judy Nimtz | Beryl Odette | Jayme Odgers | Michelle Ohm | Elizabeth Orleans
Ramona Otto | Lauren Over | Gary Palmer | Neil Parker | Richard Parker | Raymond Pettibon | Alicia Piller | Roksana Pirouzmand
Steven Portigal | Alex Prager | Astrid Preston | Francesca Quintano | Judy Raffel | Edgar Ramirez | Mel Ramos | Kristopher Raos
Christine Rasmussen | Heather Rasmussen | John Robertson | Ry Rocklen | Frank Romero | Catherine Ruane | Ed Ruscha
Shizu Saldamando | Christian Sampson | Mia Scarpa | Clovis Schlumberger | Barbara Schwan | Robert Schwan | Daniela Schweitzer
Richard Serra | Sticky Shaw | Joseph Sherman | Gregory Siff | Carina Sohaili | Joaquin Stacey-Calle | Sofia Stark | Gary Steinborn
Cole Sternberg | Jennifer Sullivan | May Sun | Jessica Taylor Bellamy | Annie Thornton | Ann Thornycroft | Vincent Tomczyk
William Tunberg | Ever Velasquez | Rezeta Veliu | Michael Wallner | Kait Walsh | Gary Ward | Leon Washington | Mia Weiner
Ai Weiwei | Evan Whale | Avery Wheless | Senon Williams | Timothy Warren Williams | Priscilla Witte | Joey Wolf | Wenlong Ye
Scott Yeskel | Mika Yokota | Amia Yokoyama | Eric Zammitt | Katherine Zhukovsky | Ralph Ziman

(Participating artists as of 4/13/23)


ARCANE Space | Art at the Rendon | Jen Cox | Danny First | Leslie Fram | Lisa Gelber | John Geresi
Emma Gray | Charlie James Gallery | Amelie Laurice | Yiwei Lu | Kristan Marvell | Cindy Schwarzstein | Laura Watts



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